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Whether you’re a multi-unit property owner wishing to attract residents or a Lower Mainland business striving to show that your enterprise is flourishing, it’s important to maintain your parking lot. Not only do you need to keep the lot in good repair for reasons of client safety, but it’s also crucial to maintain the crisp, neat lines that ensure safe, orderly parking.

What to Expect from Our Parking Lot Line Painting Services

Over the past decade, ProCoat has provided areas like Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey with parking lot line painting services for commercial pavement maintenance projects. Thanks to our experience, we know just what type of line paint works best for your pavement type and have a time-tested technique that gets the job done right the first time. Our work begins by carefully cleaning and clearing the area of debris. Next, we measure the length and width of the parking space to be created, making sure that all of our lines are straight and even. We then apply the paint stripes. Restriping parking lots follow a similar process.

How Often Should Parking Lot Lines Be Retouched?

No matter how good the initial paint job, parking lot lines will fade over time. Restriping should be a part of your parking lot maintenance in order to maintain the lot’s safety and aesthetic. Many factors contribute to parking lot line fading including traffic flow and weather. It’s important to remember these factors when considering a parking lot line painting routine. On average, we recommend restriping your lot every 12 to 18 months to keep the parking lot lines looking bright and visible. You can discuss the conditions your parking lot faces with ProCoat to find out what parking lot line maintenance routine works best for you.

ProCoat will provide maintenance for your strata or other parking lot, restoring and repairing where necessary. Count on us for sealcoating and paving! Call us today for a free estimate.

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