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Having a parking lot in disrepair can be a bad look for your business. You want something that looks good and is convenient for your customers with enough space to properly accommodate the volume of customers that visit your business. ProCoat BC does asphalt parking lot repair in Langley and the surrounding areas to create a well-planned and meticulously paved lot with walkways that give customers a good first impression about the kind of standards you have for your business and their safety.

Why Asphalt?

There are several advantages to using asphalt over concrete in your parking lot. These advantages include:

  • Cost benefit– Asphalt pavement can have a long life that provides a great return on your investment. A properly designed, installed, and maintained asphalt parking lot can last 15 – 20 years
  • Long lasting appeal– with regular street sweeping and sealcoating, your asphalt parking lot will look great for years
  • Environmental benefits– Asphalt can be recycled. 90 million tons of used asphalt are crushed and recycled per year
  • Less inconvenient downtime– Asphalt paving contractors use an advanced installation process that can be completed much more quickly than a concrete project of the same size

It should be clear now why you should repair your old parking lot with asphalt. If you are in need of a repair on your business’ parking lot, contact the experts at Procoat BC and get a free estimate.

3 Common Questions about Parking Lot Repair in Langley

Proper parking lots create the professional look you want to give off and provide safety for clients and customers. If you have decided to choose asphalt for your commercial parking lot surface, you may have questions about maintaining your parking lot and future repairs. Before you make your investment, here are 3 popular questions and answers to ponder regarding parking lot repair in Langley:

  • What do I do if my asphalt parking lot is cracked? Once a driveway becomes cracked, any further moisture that gets in can cause severe damage to your parking lot. Cracks should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage from the process of freezing and thawing moisture. Having a professional assess any damage and fill any cracks yearly can help prolong the life of your parking lot.
  • How often should my parking lot be redone with sealcoating? Sealcoating can help extend the life of your parking lot investment. It is recommended that sealcoating be applied within the first 90 days of a new parking lot installation, again the following year, and then every 3 years or so after that.
  • How long does parking lot repair take? Parking lot repairs take less time than you may think but ultimately depends on the size of your parking lot and the severity of the cracks and damages. The rate at which the asphalt can cool varies depending heavily on the air temperature and ground temperature. It is estimated that brand new asphalt parking lots dry within 1 to 3 days and simpler repairs may cool even faster.

For more information about parking lot repairs for your Langley commercial parking lot, give Procoat BC a call today.

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