The Importance of a Well Maintained Parking Lot

The Importance of a Well Maintained Parking Lot

If you’re in business, then you know how important that first impression is and for many, that first impression comes from your parking lot. A well maintained parking lot conveys to your customers that you are a responsible business owner and value the safety of your customers. Not only are cracks and potholes an eyesore, but they may reduce the value of your business, both in resale value and customer traffic.

A poorly maintained parking lot presents an image of an owner or business manager who is sloppy, uncaring, and unreliable. Drivers know that a poorly maintained parking lot can present problems, such as potholes and parking difficulties.

Maintaining your business parking lot can save money in the long run. A neglected lot can erode the pavement’s foundation and leave the surface riddled with potholes and alligatored asphalt – reducing the lifespan it should have had – resulting is either a decline in business, the cost of a full replacement, or worse, a bankrupt business.

Family-owned and operated ProCoat, understands these challenges having served the Lower Mainland and the Central Fraser Valley, as well as the Golden Horseshoe and other areas in Ontario with asphalt services. Our staff is composed of highly trained and skilled construction professionals who offer residential and commercial services including asphalt paving and repairs, crack routing and sealing, asphalt sealing, line painting and custom stencils, and parking lot clean up and maintenance.

A good paving job deserves a good maintenance plan to keep it strong and beautiful. Six months after the paving is completed, it’s a good idea to sealcoat the surface. This gives the asphalt time to settle and harden first, and then protects it from auto fluids and the sun’s rays. Sealcoating should be done every two to three years to maintain the protection and keep the surface looking dark and new.

Good maintenance also means filling in cracks and potholes before they can spread. Potholes are a common occurrence, especially in Canada’s snow and rain seasons, and are typically created by the expansion and contraction of water that has entered into the ground and under the pavement. The pooling water and erosion weaken the pavement, which causes it to collapse when vehicles pass over the weakened area, in turn creating a pothole.

Potholes should not be ignored and are a serious trip hazard for pedestrians that can result in serious injuries that you may be held liable for. Vehicles, especially those that ride low to the ground can be damaged even by a shallow pothole. It is your responsibility to make sure your business is safe and easily accessible by both pedestrians and drivers.

If have concerns about the quality of your parking lot or driveway’s surface, it is best to hire a trusted asphalt and sealing company like ProCoat to survey the pavement for any risk factors and to provide adequate drainage. Our fully insured team has earned a reputation for lasting, quality workmanship and we provide a one-year warranty on our work as an expression of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Call us to answer your paving questions, including a free quote in Greater Vancouver at 604-366-4577 and in Ontario at 1-844-224-2622 today.