Maintaining Your Fresh Driveway Repairs

Maintaining Your Fresh Driveway Repairs

You saved, planned, and have installed a new asphalt driveway that is the pride of the neighbourhood. While you may want to park on it right away to you show off for your neighbors, before you do here are a few tips our team at ProCoat have pulled together to help ensure your driveway will look fresh and new throughout its lifetime.

The first thing you need to do is avoid your instincts and keep car traffic off your driveway for at least 3 days. If temperatures are hot, try not to park on your drive for up to 5 days. You may however, carefully walk on your drive right away– do not place sharp or pointed objects, like high heels, bicycle kickstands, ladders, or porch chairs on your driveway for the first year of its life and perhaps longer (such as on a hot summer day when the temperature reaches 30C or above) as it will result in pits, holes, or gouges in your drive that can lead to further problems. Your driveway will need up to 12 months to harden and cure.

One installed, there are a number of ways that your asphalt can become damaged so there are a number of factors to be avoided.

  • Spot damage may occur on your asphalt if cars start or stop too fast. This also may happen if you turn your steering wheel when the car is parked. When using car jacks, ramps or storing boats or campers, place a piece of plywood under them to help distribute the weight. Large heavy trucks will depress your new blacktop so keep them off your new driveway. Driveways can be constructed to accommodate these larger loads, such as for contractors, but in most residential cases the additional expenditure is unnecessary.
  • Avoid driving near or off the edges of your driveway as you may fracture the asphalt and crack the edges. Asphalt’s strength lies in the stone or gravel base and contains no structural strength of its own, it is merely a wearing surface making the unsupported edges vulnerable to cracking. You can build up the edges with topsoil after the driveway has cured but don’t allow weeds or other vegetation to crowd the edges of the driveway as some plant species may burrow through the stone base and up through the asphalt topping. Application of weed-killer or simple table salt and water should eliminate this problem.

First year and ongoing maintenance is critical for a long life, including keeping dirt off the asphalt surface at all times because it pulls the oils out of the blacktop. Gasoline, oil, anti-freeze, and transmission and power steering fluid will soften and break up your driveway. These should be professionally repaired. Cracks may develop over the winter due to the contraction and expansion of the ground. These should be filled with crack filler.

If you wish, you may seal your driveway with a coal tar sealer, but wait at least 1 year for the asphalt to cure. Sealer will protect your driveway if you have any gas or oil spills and will give your drive that new black look.

If you have concerns about the quality of your driveway’s surface, if your driveway needs repairs, or if you are looking to install a new driveway, our ProCoat fully insured team of professionals are here for you and we provide a one-year warranty on our work as an expression of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Call us to answer your paving questions, including a free quote in Greater Vancouver at 604-366-4577 and in Ontario at 1-844-224-2622 today.